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I was given a letter by my line manager telling me I had to attend a Disciplinary Meeting over an argument I was having with my team leader.


After a night of not sleeping at all I called Dave and he attended the meeting with me. He immediately took over and turned things to my favour, I ended up settling (confidentially) and now I'm working with really good people.

Thanks Dave!

                                                                                                           Jesse (East Auckland)

Disciplinary Meetings



For an employee it can be extremely stressful to receive notification to attend a Disciplinary Meeting. If done properly, the employer should have given the affected party written notification outlining what alleged offence/s they are investigating, what clauses of the contract have been breached and what the possible outcomes of the meeting might be.


The employee should have been given adequate time to prepare for the meeting and also to find a suitable support person or representative to accompany them on the day.


In our experience when most employees receive notification of a meeting they are immediately on the back foot. The prospect of fronting-up to a manager, boss or HR professional is completely daunting to say the least. Appointing a colleague, family member or friend as a support person is always an option but without the necessary knowledge of employment processes they are often there just to take notes.


When we attend Disciplinary Meetings with employees we are there to challenge processes, question the investigation and above all ensure that a fair outcome is achieved. Often we are able to negotiate the outcome an employee would like, rather than what the employer is seeking.


Usually we charge a minimum of two hours for these meetings as we need to spend time before investigating and there is usually work to be done afterwards.  Whether you have us with you on the day or not, we are very happy to discuss events leading up to, during and after the meeting as there may well be procedural unfairness that we can advise you on.

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