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If you work for a company of any size, or even for a family, you are an employee.

You may have done something wrong, or may not have. Either way you have rights and you need to be treated in accordance with the Employment Relations Act 2000.

It will cost you nothing to have a confidential discussion with us so we may assess your situation.


We may be able to act for you on a NO Win NO FEE basis so feel free to call right now.




The sooner you act, the sooner we can begin working for you.

If you appoint us as your employment advocate, we will act fast to resolve an unhappy situation. You may require representation (support person) at a disciplinary meeting, or a redundancy meeting.

We will professionally support you and communicate on your behalf with your employer.

Should we not be able to reach a satisfactory settlement directly with your employer we will represent you at the Employment Relations Authority. 



If you have unpaid leave owing, or a dispute over any money owing whatsoever, we can help.

Often people who are being treated as contractors should have received many of the entitlements of an employee. If you are unsure ask us, we will assess your situation absolutely free.

You should have an employment contract, if you do not you still have rights! Often we find that tough employment contracts do not follow the stipulations of the Employment Contracts Act 2000, in those cases we can successfully act for you.


You have rights!

The Employment Relations Act 2000 was designed to protect employees and set-out the rights of all parties.  Whether you have a contract or not, you ARE protected by the Act and we will help you.

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