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Fixed Pricing for Employers

We'll deal with Personal Grievances for a fixed fee structure

Employers often get hung-out to dry during the personal grievance process because assessment, correspondence, settlement and mediation are all charged by the hour while employees can draw-upon a large number of no-win-no-fee advisors who only charge their clients once an award or settlement is reached.

Employment Help NZ offers a system of fixed-priced charging to help level the playing field and to provide employers with certainty around the costs associated with a personal grievance.

The steps and costs to assist are:

  1. Review and discuss the strength of a Personal Grievance claim and risk analysis ----- FREE (Up to 1 hr)

  2. To answer correspondence from the other party, back and forth including negotiation of direct party settlement ------$592

  3. To attend mediation including meetings prior, research and correspondence with mediators/parties per half day-----$1776
    All prices are GST exclusive.

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