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It is more important than ever before that Employers have up to date contracts and that correct procedures are followed when hiring, firing and restructuring.

We have vast experience in all these areas and will help for very reasonable rates.


Procedural Meetings


In our experience many employment contracts are either out-dated or poorly worded. 

A good contract, compliant with all aspects of the Employment Relations Act 2000 will stave off uneccesary action.

We have standard contracts available and we can customize  for you also.

Often the presence of an employment advocate at a disciplinary meeting can strengthen your position and ensure that procedure is correct.

Before you notify the employee of your intention to meet, we can give you templates for meeting notifications to lessen the risk of making mistakes.

Restructuring is a legitimate way of managing your business to ensure it's longevity and security. 

Sometimes the process can be daunting and proper process must be followed to reduce the likelihood of claims against your company.

We can manage the process for you or advise you how to restructure correctly.

Trial Periods


Investigative Meetings

The introduction of 90 day trial periods has been welcomed by employers throughout all sectors in New Zealand.

It is crucial that employment contracts contain the correct wording  and that the contract is agreed in the proper manner.

We can advise on all aspects of the use of trial periods.

Negotiating collective contracts or group schemes can be a huge and daunting task.

We have experience in these negotiations and will sit with you to advise you every step of the way.

Employers are usually disadvantaged at Employment Relations Authority investigative meetings due to high costs of legal representation.

Our low fee structure for these situations will empower the employer and offer support where it's most needed.

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